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Special thanks goes out to those that visited this site and signed the guestbook. It is greatly appreciated.

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Great job on site!
John Drury <>
Naples, Florida -
Harold they look great and they are great. Will see you and Louisa soon. Hang in there Spring is here. Love Nancy P. S. Good work Carol.
Nancy E. Schade <>
Hardwick,, Vt. usa -
Tres cool. I printed out the parrot just for fun. It's really great. I better learn how to use a computer. Seems to be what's happening. Congratulations. Joe.
Joe John
Very impressive.Great to see Harry's work is on the net for all the world to see.When will we see some of Carol's?
Ron <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -
Congratulations for a job well done! Look forward to the upcoming show. Love, Mark Q.
Mark Quinlan
Brooklyn, NY USA -
Hi Carol, I like the lay out and design of this web site. It's clear and simple and the black background really works. I like the simplicity and accessibility of the options. Do you have one yet? I'd love to see your paintings on my screen. Love, Kathryn.
Kathryn Drury <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -
Way to go Dad!
Paul Drury <>
Mangakino, Sth. Waikato New Zealand -
Nicelayout! Not clutttered or confusing and that is refreashing for a web page!
John H. Drury <>

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